216: Visiting Dad at Work

Lex was pretty excited to see his dad in the parade– so excited he just walked out into the middle of the street to wave to him and yell hello. It appears he is conflicted about whether or not he is very into basketball or wrestling with this outfit, but really he just has an awful time keeping track of his shoes. When I told him I was leaving him, he showed up in the car wearing wrestling shoes. Apparently they were the only ones he could find. They do match his jersey though.

We never go to the Pioneer Days Parade, but I felt bad this year because we pretty much skipped all of Pioneer Days, so I at least took the kids up to the parade. Azia really wanted to go to the rodeo and I usually take the kids up to the 4H Fair at some point during the week (even though there is really nothing I like about wandering around in the animal barns. . .) and we always at least go to the Kiddie/ City Slicker Rodeo. This year, the parade was it. At least the kids didn't seem to really mind. Maybe because they've been so busy with all sorts of other activities. Just today we went from the parade right to Rune's going away party and then straight from that to Mackenna's graduation party. Lots of very full days lately!

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