196: back to work (sort of)

I think it's been too long since my kids have had to do much work. It took forever to get them accomplishing much today. The little boys did seem to like the jam making task. And while they were working on that Azia did assemble a bed for the baby all on her own.

I spent most of the day waking Israel up–– four or five times. Every time I'd give him a job I'd got to check on him and find him asleep again: in his room, in the carport, on the floor in the laundry room, half sitting up on the couch... He explained this was because he was super tired from getting up at 5:00 to change pipe and then lifting for an hour or so. That is all true, but the other problem is that he didn't go to bed until like 3:00 am the night before. Hopefully he'll go to bed sooner so he's more help tomorrow.

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