Boy or . . . GIRL!!!


It appears we need to get ready for a little more pink around here!

Are we expecting a boy or a girl? Cousins get in their guess before they find out the answer. . .
One of the cool things about having a fun group of cousins is that I can send a mass text on the way home from Missoula inviting everyone over in about 40min for some baby news involving paint and this is what happens:

I've never really done, or even thought about, the whole gender-revel thing when it came to babies. I wasn't even going to find out initially with this baby since I wasn't as anxious to know as I had been in the past and thought I might see what it was like to wait. I quickly discovered the rest of the people in my family were not nearly that patient!

Everyone else was eager to know. I thought this might be a fun way to have all the family find out the news at the same time. (And maybe collect some fun photos for the start of a baby book? Because maybe this kid will actually get a baby book? I can be optimistic, right?)

After my sonogram where I learned the sex, I stopped by Michaels and bought all the bottles of pink paint they had, mixed the different shades together, dumped it in about 20 little tin pails and covered each one with tin foil so no one could see the color of paint.

I had a collection of random white shirts (collected for the Color Run) and gave each kid one of those and a bucket of paint.

We did a count down and then let the kids paint each other to celebrate once they discovered what color everyone had and that they'd get to add another little girl to their crew in a few months.

Sometimes it's kind of fun to make little things into small celebrations.

And sometimes messy celebrations are even more fun.

We didn't actually send them all into the water to wash off. . .  though Lex did seem to make it a ways downstream.

Homemade paint containment suits. Some of the cousins had to get back into cars to get home.
Everyone is pretty excited to add a new little person to this gang!


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