96: Game Time!

Home Run!!!
Azia's team is off to a good start. They're doing great for such a young team and the girls really seem to be having fun. They had their first game Friday and ended up losing by just two points. Azia pitched the whole game and did really well. She had a few strike outs every inning– a couple innings she had all three outs. The team was starting to figure out the defense end of the game, but no one on the team was hitting.

In today's game they all were hitting! They played a Ronan team that was just as little and inexperienced as ours, so they didn't field a lot of hits. We did have a couple girls get their first hits of the season, though. (Or ever!) Ronan got a few hits too, but no one ever scored and the Mission girls scored a whole lot of runs.

Azia had a great batting night. She hit a triple her first time up. The second time up she got a home run. Home runs are always cool, but I think it's even a little cooler when there's no errors on the other team involved. The ball was still out in the outfield as she was rounding third.

Now hopefully one of these games soon they'll be able to put the offense & defense together in one game!

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