83: preparation

I've had the worst few days I've had in a long time– one of those nothing turning out quite right sorts of weekends. And despite not having to go into work the last half of last week I'm still incredibly behind at work and at home.

This was the one thing I got accomplished today– a whole collection of meals to drop in the freezer that are pretty much ready to go once we pull them out again. And the bonus to having this all done is that I spent all afternoon hanging out with a great bunch of girls putting them together. (Or maybe we're all old now--a bunch of ladies? Or maybe we're not that old yet? Bunch of women?)

Regardless, I have a collection of dinners ready to go, spent all afternoon with people I like,  and I don't have to go to work for two more days. I think we're even supposed to have sunshine tomorrow. Maybe things are looking up.

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