75: One of those busy days. . .

Sometimes there is more to do on Saturdays than there are hours to fit it all in. Zoran had the Intervalley Wrestling Tournament in Eureka (150 miles away) and since he had to weigh in at 8:30, that meant a 5:00 am wake up time to get there. After a long (mostly dark) drive, we made it to the tournament and watched Zoran have possibly his best tournament ever. All of his matches were tough, but he ended up taking the whole tournament. We didn't have time to watch the older kids wrestle since we had to head back to town and get Israel off to prom. After a marathon photo session with a whole group of high school kids, we sent him and a group of his friends off to dinner. I tried (mostly unsuccessfully) to get a few last finals graded and then Azia and I went up to check out the decorations at the dance. She even got to dance a few songs with some of the high school girls so she was pretty excited. We left the dance and went to some friends to watch the UFC fights. It was pretty late by the time we got back home. As I was sitting on the couch thinking I should probably go to bed since it had been such a long day, the ambulance radio went off. I spent the next few hours occupied with a  car wreck. By the time I was back home again it was well into the next day, though we had a few more ambulance calls through the night/ morning and a power outage and all that went right into the St. Patrick's Day morning fun.

Really, we just need weekends to be at least three times as long to fit everything in.

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