348: date with Azia

Azia and I went to see the Nutcracker at the UofM tonight. I actually planned ahead this year and bought tickets a few weeks in advance after realizing last year that they actually sell out the whole run.

She was pretty excited and liked the show. She read the book last year and hadn't ever been to a performance. It is a great holiday show. Mission used to bring all the 4th or 5th graders down to the afternoon school performance when I was in school, but I don't think they do anymore. I wish the ticket prices were more in line with the sort of community performance that it is. It's great for a community production, but tickets were priced like the other college and professional shows put on at the University. I'm sure the UofM charges them a ton to use the facility, but $30+ a ticket makes the show not really an option for a lot of people (or for an sort of family activity for us).

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