342: Lazy Work Day

I got up and got ready for work and warmed up my car and then in trying to get Lex up and ready to (without his usual anger at the morning) head to school I noticed the fire in the fireplace was still burning from the night before. My couch was really comfy and the house was so nice and warm. I couldn't think of even one good reason to drive thirty miles to sit at my desk and do final grading and paperwork that could all be done wrapped up in a blanket sitting on my couch by the fire.

So I turned off my car, got myself a blanket, and sat down on the couch next to Lex. I probably should have planned ahead a little and had someone else bring him to school, but he was pretty on board with just hanging around the living room most of the morning while I worked. He had some oatmeal, read some books, played with Legos, and played a few games on the ipad. A little after noon he did ask when the kids were ever going to get home from school, but for the most part he seemed to enjoy the low key, hang at home all day day as much as I did.

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