iphoto + instagram: 8.10.12

 Letters from teachers have arrived!

I guess summer really is coming to an end.

The good thing is both the kids didn't really care which teacher they got this year-- all the options seemed good. Hopefully they're excited to go in a couple weeks and this year goes more smoothly than the last.


Israel is continuing to spoil Lex. Lex is going to be so sad when he has to go back to school and no one buys him treats and does whatever he wants them to do all day long.


Azia got a giant box of clothes from our Florida hand-me-down fairies. She was super excited. She now doesn't really need anything for school.

We did do a little shopping after her dentist appointment this week. Like always, she found all sorts of things she didn't need:

What would the occasion be for zebra glasses with an attached mustache?
But mostly we just found a few things for her brothers

And then got her a new haircut

For the last month she's been obsessed with getting bangs:


In the middle of the week we took off for a few days for a little camping...
Lex was ready to go with his headband and backpack full of sleeping bag.
Once we got everyone in the car I saw Lex did add to his camping supplies. He collected his Captain America blanket, Spiderman floatation suit, and stuffed Captain America guy, stacked up all of them on his booster seat, put on his seatbelt and then opened his Avengers tin (full of rocks) to check out all his treasures.

He also had an iPad to keep him entertained on the drive.

Glacier Park was pretty great, despite all the crowds of people.

Lake McDonald is always nice.

Flat tires aren't nice, but this fix-a-flat stuff in a little can is pretty amazing!

Lex decided when it was time for bed he wasn't really interested in camping anymore. But, since we were three hours or so from home he didn't really have a choice. We created a little bed in the bad of the car illuminated by glowsticks (and the movie Up he was watching on the iPad) and he survived.

Morning at our Hungry Horse camp. . .

Any one need to borrow a few kids for their camping trip? We have a few dozen!

Bathing beauties. . .

and one last stop for a swim at Lake McDonald on the way out of the park. . .

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  1. What a beautiful spot to camp! I wish that was within driving distance of my house!