Celebrating the 4th

We made out usual rounds for the Fourth of July. 

We had a collection of cousins assemble to watch the Arlee parade.

We had a few superheroes to keep us safe. (Dylan later added an Amish-style hat to his superman cape and Easter basket outfit. Quite original.)

Mom braided a few heads of hair while we waited for the parade to start. We didn't even bring any of the kids' outfits since none of my kids wanted to dance at powwow, but I guess Azia didn't want to miss out on the braids. (She did leave them in longer than usual. . . a few hours. Usually she takes them out almost immediately after getting them done. She never wants anything in her hair. )

Dylan and Lex checking out the fire engine

Eating the popsicle before it melts. . . Some of the floats were throwing them and they are almost a good idea on these hot days, but they are half melted by the time the hit the ground!
Dev working with his pal Smokey.
I'm used to people who are annoyed by children and used to hearing people complain about them, but it's so fun to run to into people who seem to genuinely enjoy them. I don't know these people, but they were sitting next to us during the parade. At first they just kept bringing the little girls candy they picked up. Part way through the parade the lady came over and asked Lex for his hand to bring him over and talk to him and show him some of the other candy in their area they hadn't picked up. It was pretty cute to watch him visiting with them.

Checking out their loot. Many of the kids had nearly a an ice cream bucket full of candy!

We went over to powwow for lunch (after sitting in traffic for about an hour to make it the 1/2 mile over there. . .)

The boys waiting (not-so-patiently) for their food. But look how patriotic they look: red, white, & blue.
one of 7 or 8 Indian tacos from the Couture stand
The girls waiting for their food. Apparently poor Nana had to sit at the other stand.
Of course Grandma wasn't going to miss a chance to dress in red (shirt, socks, and matching lipstick) and celebrate.
The boys liked shopping. The girls liked it so much I didn't see them after they left the food stand.

SnoCones. I think Lex's favorite part of Powwow is the food. Specifically, frybread, ice cream and snocones.
When we got back into Mission it was so hot we had to take a break and find some water.

Azia searching for some fish. Surprisingly it seems she is not being bothered by her brothers for the moment. 
Afterwards we headed to Incasholas' for the rest of the evening.

We even got a visit from the ice cream truck.
Sajada and Azia enjoying some ice cream in the mini pool.
The boys checking out the guns. (And Israel holding someone else's drink!)
hanging out around the fire

Our veterans


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