207: out & about as Captain America

We went down to the fairytale and superhero festival at the carrousel. Lex thought it was a  good day to be Captain America; Azia had a pretty cool zebra girl outfit (I don't think this is an actual superhero yet) but she decided at the last minute not to wear it. Zoran told me it was kind of wierd for a "pretty much eight-year-old" to dress up and do the activities there, even though he isn't eight for quite a few more months and he did end up trying things out anyway. It's probably incredibly hard to be seven and so incredibly cool some days. Although by the time we left he was wearing pink fairy wings, so maybe it's not that rough after all.

It was sort of a cool little gathering: people of all ages in all sorts of costumes, free fancy cupcakes, drinks, Coldstone ice cream, fairy wings, face painting, flower planting, and a handful of little arts and craft projects for the kids.

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