201: Fly in

Zoran and Evan after finishing their plane ride.
Sunday morning the weekend of Good Old Days they have a fly-in at the airport. There is free breakfast for everyone (huckleberry pancakes, eggs, biscuits & gravy, sausage & bacon) and free airplane rides for kids from 8-18. They also have helicopter tours people can purchase if they want to fly around the Missions.

The pilots there for the kids' flights donate their time, planes, and fuel which is pretty cool since many kids around here wouldn't have the chance otherwise. (Of course Evan asked me if there would be service on the flight. . . he has a bit more flight experience than most local kids.)

My own kids aren't really big fans of the small planes. Israel went once a few years ago and that was enough for him. Azia was excited to be able to go last year, but wasn't interested in going again. Zoran really wanted to go this year. He didn't say he didn't like it, but he did tell me they did have bags in case they had to throw up, though he didn't actually need to use his. We'll see if he decides to go up again next summer.

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