190: Sliver

Lex's shoeless life finally caught up with him.  When I unloaded him at Silverwood Monday I noticed he was limping. He didn't want me to look at it his foot and it was all red and swollen. When he woke up this morning it was even more red & the infection was starting to spread up the side of his foot. I couldn't even really see the sliver, but there was clearly something in there. Throughout the day we tried every sliver-extraction method we could think of (and a few strange ones Azia found while googling the problem) with no luck.  I was worried about the infection spreading, so we ended up with an evening trip to the ER. They got out a tiny sliver and sent him home with an antibiotic and instructions to wear shoes.

For once he's cooperating with the medicine thing. As far as the shoes. . . well he already wasn't wearing them by the time he got back in the door.

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