182: geodes

The boys were obsessed with rocks today. Bryce and Iyezk had a geode they'd had for awhile that they all were examining and then at some point Christina told them they could get another one at Allard's. Then getting to Allard's became the goal for the day. Zoran got his wallet and was going to buy each of the boys one once they got there. They finally convinced me to give them a ride and after some exploration of the trading post, they found the basket of rocks. Then Zoran discovered he only had $4 in his wallet. They were all so excited about it, I felt bad and somehow ended up paying $20 for rocks. They did have quite a lot of fun breaking them up when we got home. Lex had so much fun we had to stop him before he had only geode dust. Azia got involve when she saw all the smashing going on and became a little scavenger finding all the little pieces the boys didn't pick up. Next time I saw her she had fashioned a polisher out of a jar full of sand and water. (She has figured out you can learn how to do many things with the power of google.)

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