73: numbers

This only makes sense if you've seen the movie In Time, which apparently my kids watched while I was at a meeting this evening.

Now that I look at this photo again I guess it might have some scary echos of Nazi Germany, which also would probably tie in with the social issues the movie is focusing on. The whole premise is that everyone is given 25 years. On your 25th birthday, you're given one additional year. Time, rather than money, is how everything is paid for and what you earn for any work you do. You can share, borrow, or steal time from others. Your life is over when your clock runs out. Some people have thousands of years; others are living hour to hour.

For some reason, this whole premise was fascinating to my children. It was also interesting to see which parts they connected with. Zoran put 59 seconds on his clock.  Azia had 98 centuries on hers. She also crafted a device out of cardboard and tin foil that looked just like the one in the movie for storing (and transferring via forearm as needed) additional time.  Israel hadn't watched the movie with them, but after asking what they were doing and figuring out what the numbers meant, he started drafting a number for himself. Then he got distracted by what the movie was saying about our society and how accurate the interpretation was and went to watch it,  wandering off with his notebook with the various versions of the number he was drafting.

Lex seemed to pick random numbers and then spend the rest of the eventing reenacting fight and death scenes by himself in the corner.

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