40: play ball.

He never stops.

If his dad isn't throwing him passes with the football in the living room, he's running up and down the hall, shooting this little ball from every angle and location possible.  A couple years ago he got this hoop for Christmas. It used to be on his brother's closet door (the room on the other side of this door) since Lex has nothing really in his room and more open space than Zoran. I got so tired of the big area rug always being thrown in the corner (better hardwood floors than fluffy carpet for the full mini-court experience) that I took it down.

He just put it back up on this side of the door. 

That was about 9 months ago. The only disadvantage to this setup is that he can't also watch Sports Center while shooting since the TV is in the other room. His knowledge of (and interest in) current sports trivia is as bizarre to me as his nonstop playing.

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