just a little frosting

Israel demonstrates the intersection of planking and frosting

If a bandwagon passes by, we just have to jump on. . .

especially if it's taking us somewhere more fun than where we are supposed to be headed.

So rather than cleaning the house or getting back on schedule for the return to school, we took "frosting" pictures Sunday afternoon.

and the boys heckling her from the window

Last week when we had the snowstorm so huge no one could drive anywhere, a couple people in Missoula took a few pictures of themselves out in the snow & ice pretending the weather was nice.

And then they created a facebook page.

I'm pretty sure buried in some box somewhere I have pictures of Cori and I circa 1988 sitting in beach chairs and swimsuits out in the snow, very similar to this version of Azia here, but we didn't have facebook back then.

Less than a week after it was created, the Frosters Anonymous page has over 4, 000 likes and hundreds of pictures.

It's been in the Missoulian, on the local news, and in the University's newspaper.

We posted this picture of Zoran to the page & he had fun watching the dozens of people liking his photo and then was really excited when it was on the news that night.

Azia was mad that I hadn't gotten around to posting hers. I put it on my blog the next day and posted it to the Frosters page. This afternoon her cousin Courtney shared this picture:

Hers showed up as a big half page photo in the University newspaper in Missoula. And then, of course, Zoran was upset because now he thinks it's possible hers might be cooler.

Even Lex (who hates snow, refuses to go sledding, and seems content to stay inside till summer when he can comfortably run around the yard with very few clothes) wanted to get in on it after he watched the older kids. 

He had me come take pictures of him. When I ask what he was going to do, he told me, "I'm jumpin' in the snow."

". . . but, I'm leavin' my boots on."

And he did.

He ran to Dad for a high five when he was done.

Now, back to work, I suppose.

If I can get all the kids out of the snow.

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