26: show & tell (in Montana)

Breeze (and her 4th grade teacher) explaining an 8-legged calf
Azia's friend Breeze gave their class a little lesson on genetics and ranching in Montana at school today. Her dad helped pull a calf the other morning (which ended up having to be delivered by caesarean and didn't live long) that had eight legs. It was a pretty unusual occurrence which fascinated some kids and horrified others (e.g. Azia with the big pink bow in the top, right corner).  Breeze is the perfect little Montana ranch girl. I love having her over because she is sweet and girly and as polite and happy a girl I've ever meet. But, despite her dainty appearance, she's tough. She has three brothers, chores on the farm, a pretty impressive wrestling record, and is totally comfortable explaining the calving process and pointing out scientific abnormalities on a dead calf in front of a few classes full of elementary kids. 


  1. umm... this picture simply will not do. I need to see a better picture of this thing!!

  2. Ha. I do actually have a bunch and sort of chose this one on purpose as not to freak people out since it is pretty crazy! I'll have to put some up whenever I get a chance to really look through by photos from the last week & do a longer post.