Good Stuff: back from when we had snow & my boys didn't desperately need haircuts

I seem to have  collection of unpublished posts sitting here from the last month. . . photographs I uploaded and had no time to write about. At this point that probably means I should just start posting them more or less wordless.

Once upon a time we had snow. . .

Zoran even got his apparel all ready to go the night before a few times.

And there's Lex. He still does stuff like this.
Basically a few times every day.

Cooking for Thanksgiving dinner. In pjs, since Lex nearly always prefers to wear those.

Lex used my camera to take this photo of me taking a picture of him with my phone.

Snowy shopping on Black Friday:

And Lex, with two of my hammers. This photo has just become part of my ongoing investigation of what happened to all my hammers. I forgot I'd taken this, but clearly Lex had at least two of them at once sometime in the last month. I looked forever for even one hammer the other day when I needed one to make Christmas ornaments.

Escort back into town for our local Punt-Pass-Kick champ. Emilio won the competition in Seattle.

Clouds that seem to be on fire. . .

Lex, hanging out.

Zoran writing all sorts of Christmas notes.
"Dear Santa Close. I have some berer and cookies for you on the deck."
I think he senses Santa may be friends (at least) with Santa.

Griz playoff game:

handwarmers. . .face warmers
Zoran LOVES Grizzly football. I didn't know people this small watch entire football games.

All my boys..

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