thankful this is the ordinary

The family all got together for Thanksgiving Thursday.

A big meal, a few dozen cousins all together to hang out, lots of good visiting.

And the best part? There was nothing really out of the ordinary about this all. We do this pretty much every week. Except the food was a little more extensive and impressive– three tables full. Mom cooked all day. Everyone else brought multiple dishes. Even I cooked. The ordinary gathering of the family plus amazing amounts of food makes for a pretty good holiday. 

KaNana, Gwen, and Valerie. . . last touches on the meal.

Israel and Azia cooking away.

Israel made fried ice cream.

Everyone brought food.

And Grandma and Lettie brought their wheels.

There was a lot of eating.
Zoran cautiously considered trying a little sushi. . . maybe next time.
Grandma was brave enough to try it (though her tastes are only about as exotic as Zoran's!)
Ahni, Lettie, and Dylan filling up their plates

Keilana and Azia making decisions

There was some visiting.

Keira and Lettie
Azia, Maysa, and Keilana

Eldon, Jenna, & Christina
Kylie & Azia

Grandma Elda gets a hug from Maysa
girls, girls

 There was a  little wrestling

 and a little dress up.

And of course, some Black Friday shopping preparation.

Deva and Christina formulate a plan.

And near the end of the evening, some gadget lessons.
Iyezk teaches his papa a few things.
Deva watching Michael facetime with Israel.

the girls do a little photo taking
and the boys introduce Yaya to Angry Birds

and then back to the dessert table. . . so many options.

Actually, the whole evening was sort of like dessert.

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