First Snow

We don't actually have any on the ground in Mission, but it's to the very bottom of the mountains. 

The kids got up and saw the snow creeping down and put on their snow boots and dug out mismatched gloves and hats in anticipation.  As we drove to Israel's basketball game they excitedly pointed out all the hills that would be perfect for sledding and asked if we had hot chocolate at home because they were sure any time it was going to be snowy at our house, too. As we drove south the snow seemed to get lower and the cars passing us were covered in frost. Zoran told us this was the kind of weather he wanted to play football in-- snow on the ground or even better if it was all falling while he was playing.

By the time we got to Arlee and the ground was actually covered with snow, they were all too excited to actually go inside with me to watch the game. Azia got to work building a snow man and Zoran decided to make one even bigger than hers. 

But first he had to go check out the football field.

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