Blizzardy Black Friday

I only wanted a few craft supplies and some cheap fabric so I didn't go shopping in the middle of the night. Instead, apparently I waited until there was a winter storm advisory and then drove 45 miles on black ice with snow blowing so thickly I couldn't see where I was going. (Okay, really I'd already driven half the way when this started, so it wasn't that bad. Also, visibility was so poor that I wasn't going very fast. This meant the slick roads weren't too bad because I didn't speed up enough to use the brakes anyway.)

Really I should start paying more attention to weather reports. I only knew about the storm advisory because I heard it on the radio as I was driving through the middle of the storm.  The weather wasn't bad when I left, but on the way the way I saw someone's garbage dumpster in the middle of the highway. A few miles later there was one of those huge orange barrels they were using to mark off construction zones on its side in the middle of the other lane. Apparently there had also been some wind with the snow.

But I did get my $90 of fabric for $13.

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