You Capture: School & Sunsets

 All the backpacks lined up, supplies & paperwork ready to go.

 Azia & her outfits. . . of course she started with a hat & some zebra stripes

 Oldest brother happy to go off on his own . . . but how nice the middle school is just a few feet down the road from the elementary kids. (Well nice for Mom at least, not too sure how the middle schoolers feel about it.)

Littlest brother ready to go to school too:  pjs, backpack and all.

And we're still figuring out this routine thing. The kids came with me to run the other night and I realized as we were leaving the sun was already going down.
fuzzy iphone photo in the almost-dark . . .
We're only a few days in still . . . we'll get this normal (appropriate) school-time schedule figured out eventually.


  1. I know - it takes a bit to re-acclimate to school schedules!

  2. I want to wear my jammies to school, too. Love the one of your little guy!

  3. Nice post; nice pictures!