Plains Fair 2011

 It's fair time again!

We did go to the fair last year, but we hadn't gone for quite awhile before that.  It becomes increasingly expensive as all the kids are getting old enough to want to do rides and eat lots of expensive food. But, that's pretty much how it goes whenever we step out of the house these days.
 We didn't go till later in the afternoon this year on the day we took the kids, so we didn't take a swimming break. The location on the river is a nice bonus since usually the days over Labor Day weekend are unbearably hot. When we drove by Lex just wanted to swim instead. Until we got to the rides.

I debated about whether or not to get him a bracelet (or any of the kids actually-- they're so expensive!) but I'm pretty sure Lex got more use out of his than anyone else. He was pretty excited about all the rides.

 The older kids got to try out the bigger rides. Azia actually likes a few of these. Fair rides seem to be more her speed than actual amusement part rides.
the three youngest about to head down the slide
The slide was one of the favorites. (And Lex clearly needs a haircut!)


Enjoying Fair Treats. . . 

and hanging out till the sun started to go down.

I like the fair so much better at night.

Zoran and Lex diving the mini-rollercoaster. Lex loved this ride. Last year Azia took him on it and it slightly terrified him!

It's cooler and sometimes slightly less busy. The lights are more interesting, too.

Sunday night Dev and I left the kids at home and went back to the Demo Derby.

It was kind of nice not to have to chase Lex everywhere or keep track of little people for a few hours.

Dev with  Miah, Robert & Nick
The girls (& Miah again).
Demo is a strange event, but I suppose I can see the appeal of being able to smash into other cars.

And almost any event is fun if you're doing it with a big group of friends.

Maybe we'll have to put the fair on the agenda again next year.

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