InstaFriday: the fair, some football, and all sorts of other fun

I think I could have just filled up all the squares with cool instagram photos of fair rides at night. Yes, I'm officially old because taking cool pictures of fair rides at night with my phone seemed more fun than actually going on the fair rides.

We stopped at a garage sale on the way to the fair. Israel actually bought a box clearly labeled electrical "junk" but of course he watches too much Pickers so he's convinced there is all sorts of treasure in there. I have less leverage in keeping him from acquiring things like this now he has his own money. (Not only does he have his own money, he has more in his account than I do. Not that I'm giving him much competition, but this still hurts my self-esteem. If I'm going to have to be old I should at least have more money than my teenager.) 

We've started back to our semi-regular mealtime routine with everyone back to school. The kids get to pick (within reason) what they cook on the night they make dinner. My boys basically want various versions of giant chunks of meat. I am not so great at cooking meat of any kind, and it sort of grosses me out, so whenever their dad is around he gets the meat BBQing duty to help them out. He also is a fan of large portions of meat. I don't think our household will be going vegetarian any time soon.

The little boys get to do fun things with me while everyone else is at school. . . like pick up garbage, our ongoing, losing battle.  And now since the carport is completely full of random annoying piles, I guess we've started on the fence line. And it's my fault, because really I'm about as bad as Israel at yard sales. This is why I've stopped going completely. But, once we had stopped, I surely couldn't leave without a whole matching set of bright orange suitcases! (There is an awesome project waiting to unfold with these, I'm positive.)

And even if not, lately I've been feeling like I'd like to run away. If I decide to go to 1974, I've got the perfect luggage for the trip.

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