InstaFriday: and even more Lex

When I went to look through my photos on my phone from the week it seemed the majority were of Lex. I guess that's what happens when I spent the majority of my days with just him. Also, there is more Duke these days, because even though he's already sort of huge and completely hyper and routinely knocks Lex over,  the first thing Lex does when he gets up each morning is to go get get him out of the kennel. And then often Duke dashes into the house (even though he's not supposed to be in the house) & runs around crazily because wood & laminate floors provide little traction for giant-hyper dogs. The other morning I came downstairs after printing something and both Lex & Duke were jumping on my bed.

The older kids are all back into sports and practice as of this week. Israel's been playing football for awhile, but both soccer and flag football started for Azia and Zoran. Busy, busy.

Lex goes to Headstart in a week and a half. He's pretty excited about going to school, so hopefully he still wants to go after he's been there a few days. We went to get his physical today and he totally cooperated with every single thing they asked him to do. It was cool. Also very, very strange. I don't think he's ever done that. He usually even refuses to step on a scale or let them measure him or any of that. But he did everything today: blood pressure, answered cognitive assessment questions, did his  first eye test, too. I sort of felt like I should disclose that this is actually nothing like his normal self when asking if he'd been sick lately or anything.

Maybe he's working on a new, agreeable personality for school.

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