Day 330: Running. (Shouldn't it be easier with those super-long legs!?)

After a nearly six-month break in my running routine, I finally started again tonight. (And I'm saying "started" because I plan to get back to a regular routine. We'll see how that goes.)

I didn't go very far or very fast, and I had all sorts of help: Azia skating; Zoran riding his bike in circles around me; Lex sprinting past me saying "I'm so, so much faster than you, Mom!" and then stopping right in front of me, telling me to stop it and go home right now, and then running away into the road; and then somehow our cat? Not sure how it made it there with us, too. I'm blaming the necessity to manage this chaos on what turned out to be a rather slow-paced 2 1/2 miles. 

I think this constant state of chaos is partially why it's so hard to go do this regularly. Also it's partially hard because it's very tiring to run after I've taken even a week or two off, so it gets increasingly difficult to start again as time goes by.

Tonight as I was running, there was one other person down there using the track. He was doing laps too-- with a walker. I need to stop complaining. Most people have many more difficult barriers to running a few miles than I do.


  1. Congrats on starting up your running routine again! And good luck with it! Hopefully those long legs will take you far. ;)

  2. I can NOT run - ever - at all - good for you!