You Capture: Ordinary Moments

sleeping superheros  . . . sort of everyday around these parts lately

 Ordinary moments and everyday things are probably my most favorite things of all.

At least if I'm organizing my life right, they are. What is most important, most interesting. . . those are the things I want to around me every day.

Kids climbing on fences
Of course much of the every day is mundane. Even that makes me thankful. How nice to have all sorts of little things to make life comfortable and familiar.

Sprinklers to cool off in and to keep our lawn a bit green.  (And the lawn actually still has some green in it! Usually it's all crusty & brown  by August.)

The music we listen to all day long. I've been planning for weeks that I'll actually be able to listen to songs I chose when all the older kids go back to school. Currently I have too much competition & every time I turn on the music someone else comes and switches out the ipod (& music) for their own.

I don't know what the limit is on how many times you can listen to the Dukes of Hazard theme song and still stay sane, but I'm pretty sure I'm reaching that limit.
flowers still blooming

After heroics that require the layering of the superhero clothing items, sometimes you need an extra good nap.

Right now that superhero is right near the top of things I'm most thankful for.

Summer-stained feet and all.


  1. Absolutely LOVE the superhero shots! I have a little one exactly the same!

  2. My favorites: the sprinkler shot and the dirty feet. Those are very ordinary moments in our house too!