Day 221: Have you met my son Rodriguez?

T-ball superstars . . . including Zoran (Rodriguez) in the middle
Some of my systems of organization (like keeping my children's uniforms in my possession unless they are wearing them) tend to break down when I'm not home for a week or so. So, it took me all afternoon to round up all the pieces of Zoran's uniform and get everything washed. His shirt was still in the dryer up until the time we walked out the door to head to Ronan. We were almost late waiting for it to dry & even when Dev pulled it out as everyone was piling into the car it was still a bit damp, but at least it was clean and not too wet to wear.

At some point in the second inning we were noticing Ronan's cool uniforms and how they even had the kids' names on them. Mission didn't get their names on theirs. Except, apparently Zoran.  (aka Alex Rodriguez) Also, his had a big Yankee logo on the front rather than Bulldogs like the rest of his team. I'm on top of things enough to get everything washed (barely) but not quite together enough to actually make sure the uniform I washed is the one my kid is wearing.

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