IHF: Favorite Face

Little Lettie the wrestler. 40 pounds of toughness.

The best faces with these tiny wrestlers always seem to be on the kids who are losing. They are incredibly cute in all their drama and momentary agony, but I always feel bad sharing them . . . maybe because I have a little six-year-old who would kill me if I ever posted any pictures where it looked like he wasn't winning.

Even if I picked one where you can't see the troubled look on her opponent's face, I love her look of concentration.


  1. My hubby used to be a wrestler. LOVE this!!!

    *Our Wish*

  2. I recently saw an article on Yahoo about a little wrestler who has a mohawk and is thought to be a potential future olympic competitor. This chica reminds me of that boy--minus to mohawk of course but with all the necessary ferocity!

  3. Oh my word. She is a doll! I love this picture. Love her expression. WOW!