Day 156: The Madness...

And here Dev tries to explain how (and more importantly why) you would fill out one of these college basketball brackets. He may have been successful in the first part but not so much in the second. First Azia told him she couldn't fill it out because she had no idea who would win. When he tried to explain no one really knows and that's why it was fun to try and pick the winners, she still didn't quite get it. It seemed like an awful lot of work to write in names on all those little lines. Soooo boorrrriiiinnngggg! And then after all that, the prize for winning the little family pool was just not really worth her time. Maybe if she could get something at the mall instead if she won? Last time I saw her she was sitting at the counter in the kitchen drawing, her huge box of art supplies easily accessible. Her bracket (only 1/4 filled in) was still sitting on the end table.

Meanwhile, Zoran is unaware of all this, intently analyzing options, making choices. This is basketball. Serious business. Last I heard he was leaning toward Kansas.

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