Day 135: Wrestling Season

This evening Zoran and Azia got out the only version of mats we have in the house and decided to practice. (They now have approximately 75 minutes of wrestling experience between them so I'm not too sure what they are practicing. Also Azia clearly cannot see what she is doing anyway.)
My plan to not let Zoran know wrestling season was going on didn't work too well since he has about five cousins who are wrestling. They already started a week or two ago and I'm still a bit worried about him keeping his emotions moderately under control. . . he is getting better, sometimes, but you can't easily remove yourself from tough situations in wrestling like he's learning to do in soccer and basketball. My new plan was to just let him practice with the team (no competition) this year and see how it goes. After one practice this plan doesn't show a lot of promise. As soon as tonight's practice ended (his first ever) he yelled at me from across the wrestling room (still not even all the off the mat) "I want to wrestle in the tournament!" He may have no idea what he's doing, but that doesn't seem to impact his competitiveness.

To emphasize this point, both Zoran and Azia are standing behind me as I type right now. Zoran hates this photo and wants to know if I have any of him holding Azia down. "Where are the better photos?! I don't want to look at this one!" He also informed me, "DO NOT PUT THAT ON FACEBOOK!!" Azia told him it's just going on the blog. He was not okay with that either, until I told him  I would also write that Azia didn't ever pin him.

Azia didn't ever pin Zoran.

(Azia has issues with that statement, but regardless of what the true version of the story might be, Zoran undoubtedly did pretty well against someone who weighs 20 pounds more than he does.)

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