Day 126: Yaya's birthday dinner and cake (a day early)

I don't know what amuses me most about this photo. That Gwen tells the children that they must line up for dessert or that they do it immediately and without questioning (and orderly and single file no less). Or maybe it is that there is a representative from each branch of cousins there to celebrate their Yaya's (or Qene's or Katiti's) birthday in the little line.  Or that for once even one of Gwen's own girls is listening to her. (Gwen usually has the whole world in order while her own three little girls are somewhere just beyond her circle of control, giggling loudly, smiling and boldly doing whatever she has just told them not to. . . with so much positive enthusiasm it's easy to be tricked into believing maybe they're right about what should be happening after all.)

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