Day 123: why I should be better at planning ahead

I always hate going to the store. I think grocery shopping is one of the worst jobs I have to do. . . and I do it nearly every day. It is surpassed in awfulness only by also having to make meals with all that food and then cleaning up the mess from all those meals.

Sometime I just don't do it. But then it is morning and there is only a little food and after mid-morning a little less and all the milk is gone and by the time lunch is over it's clear I'm not going to be able to scrounge up enough of anything to satify the always-starving after-school crowd, so I end up shopping with this crew. They're cute and all and generally amazingly well-behaved but they don't really make the shopping experience any easier. Even when they're amusing themselves by eating all my celery.  Or throwing all the onions on the ground. (I'm pretty sure Aodhan thinks they're some smelly version of a ball. . . because he thinks really almost everything is some version of a ball. )

And then there's the added problem that I can't really fit any food in this cart with I start out with this whole load of boys.

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