Just another Friday night

 Somewhere between 8:00-9:00pm...

Israel is subtly trying to ignore me Again.
Azia lost a tooth! She says it's #9. And I have normal photos of her smiling showing off the tiny tooth, but she sneezed right when I took this one and I liked it better...sorry Azia. :)
Zoran showing off the two powerades he won making two half time shots at the basketball game.
And Lex in puking danger. He had a 100+  fever all afternoon and then slept for a lot of hours and seemed better. He was starting to heat up again so I wanted to give him some medicine. He only agreed after I agreed to give him some chocolate after he took it. After he took the medicine he thought he might throw up. Luckily he just listened to his voice echo in the bowl for a few minutes then fell asleep. But he didn't even eat his chunk of KitKa. Definitely not himself. 

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