Day 87: My secretary definitely needs to be fired.

Of course I don't have a secretary which is probably why this is the state of my "needs to be filed" file. Yes I realize it doesn't exactly fit in a "file" anymore, but that giant tub is kind of like a file. And due to my effective cropping, as far as you know there is only one of those tubs.

If I did have a secretary I'd probably forgive him for this negligance if he agreed to get it all organized in the next couple days, because I really don't have time to do it. The no-time for organizing boring paperwork has kind of been an ongoing theme this year....since about June as far as I can tell. But I'm only about a quarter way through that tub, so it's possible I will soon discover I have been having issues with it longer than that. It does cause me quite a lot of problems to have all the documents I need on a regular basis not readily accessible. It's sort of stressful to have to sort through this huge pile to find something needed immediately. It happens at least one a month, but apparently it's not been stressful enough to shame me into spending a few days getting it in order. I blame all these companies and organizations I have to work with that haven't digitized everything. (That little search spotlight in the corner of my computer? Way more effective at finding digital documents than me having to sort through this mess.)

But there are all sorts of numbers and dates and receipts and things I need to generate reports and pay taxes and get tax info out to other people. I also mixed up some of my teaching materials for this quarter in with all the mess of financial stuff when I shoved every single thing cluttering my desk in the closet a few weeks ago.  (It was all seriously distracting from my Christmas spirit and taking up crafting space.) So, this must be my evening project for the next couple days.

Also, I will have to add staying up on paperwork organization to my goals for this coming year. I was going to link to that post I wrote about resolution type things a few days ago, but apparently I didn't post it. That means it must be on my laptop, which is right here somewhere...though it's possible it will not be seen again for days. Yes, next year I will be more organized.

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