Day 113: Inside Play

KaNana deciding whose shoes to hide in the tunnels next.
 It was four degrees when I went to work this morning.

Gwen and I had an hour gap this afternoon between when she needed to start work and when I finished so Dev filled in the middle minutes supervising all the kids.  The closest, kid-friendly middle meeting place seemed to be the indoor play area at McDonalds. (Better than delivering them all to Dev at his office, I think.) Instead of just packing them all up when I got there I just let them play for awhile. The tunnels and climbing and slides kept them busy running and climbing and playing for more than two hours.  I read a couple chapters in my book, and they were wild and happy and entertained (with minimal involvement from me). I didn't have to clean up anything when they were done. Not bad for a freezing afternoon.

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