Day 102: Dressed for some special occassions

I think Lex is ready for Powwow season. Or some sort of winter formal.

It was very important to him to put on all his dance stuff today. (Although before I took this photo he let Sage wear his and he put on Zoran's so they could both dance). Once he was dressed he was annoyed I wouldn't let him have the bustle and he also insisted he was missing his tie. I thought he meant some sort of regalia piece that tied on and I couldn't figure out what he needed. Then he took me back to Zoran's room and showed me all his ties. "I need a tie!"  He picked out the red one.

I'm not sure if he actually thinks this piece is another accessory for the dance outfit, if he's decided it should be, or if in his mind he has just jumbled up all the special occasion clothing he has.

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