Day 57: Searching for a Christmas Tree

This is what Lex looked like for at least half of our Christmas Tree expedition today. He had just fallen asleep when it was time to get out and trudge through the three-foot snow without a trail for a mile ago to cut down some trees. He wasn't really up for it. He was annoyed I shoved him into his snow stuff. He refused to walk himself. Not even these friendly horses or Michael with all his tools could cheer him up.
He did finally stop crying and calmed down once we got to the end of the clearing and watched the kids sled for a bit. He also became interested in all the tools to cut branches and trees. He was a little interested in Israel's fire. He started talking again. Mostly he just said he was ready to go home. And then he was annoyed I didn't cut us a Christmas tree and just kept asking all the way back "Where's our tree? Where's our Christmas tree?" He still wouldn't walk (or let me pull him in a sled).  So, I got to carry him all the way back too.  Maybe he just wanted to help me out since I hadn't been to the fitness center since Thursday. I should probably know by now not to try to wake him up before he's ready to be awake.

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