Missoula Maze

We spent last Sunday afternoon at the Missoula Maze. It's a pretty fun place to spend a few fall hours. All of the kids enjoyed it. There aren't a lot of activities that entertain kids 2-12.  The first part of the maze is made of staked haybales, the second half is cut into a corn field.


Dev & Zoran racing through the obstacle course outside the maze.
They have a little maze out front for little people. Lex doesn't really get the point. Or possibly he's just ignoring the rules. That might be more likely.

Once he got into the big maze he just ran as fast as he could. I still don't think he had any idea what the point was, but he didn't seem to care. I lost him a few times.
Dev did find the runaway eventually.

Israel was my navigator for the first half of the maze...till we met up again with Azia & Zoran. Then it was just a race.
I think this was the last time I saw Dev in the maze. I think he decided not to go much farther than the bales.

Azia reading the clues and trying to decide which way to go.
And more decisions. Decisions, decisions.
I think Zoran took this photo. It looks like I'm really confused trying to find the way out...even though it's right behind me.

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  1. It looks like a wonderfully fun place! We still haven't gone to the pumpkin patch yet this fall. We really need to!