Azia’s backpack contents: June 11, 2010

...retrieved from the bottom of the costume box after being lost for a month.

I just found this list saved on my computer. I think we discovered the backpack when we were cleaning, but my internet wasn't working at the time to post it: 
  • Handful of dried up grass
  • ½ bag personal size lays potato chips
  • Broken glass from a fluorescent pink Christmas decoration
  • Stylish plaid hat
  • 3 watercolor paintings
  • Map to buried treasure (the goods are located somewhere past the “swirl”...very mysterious...)
  • Tech deck with an “April 28th early out” reminder sticker stuck to the deck (good thing she put it somewhere I’d see it)
  • Faux diamond barrette
  • Blue plastic baby barrette
  • 3x1 inch piece of wood
  • Note to Destiny
  • One dangling heart earring
  • One large gold hoop earring
  • 7 dimes
  • 1 quarter
  • 1 penny
  • Small 1inch square paper with “azia” written in cursive
  • ½ cup sawdust (not actually contained in a cup at this point, but an approximate measure of the total amount)

You know, basically all the most important supplies you need to be successful in 2nd grade. She also had a seperate little book bag that should've been in the book bag, too. (And then returned to the school at the end of the year.) We found that a few weeks later in her pajama bin.

Since this is what she was apparently carrying around every day, I don’t feel quite as bad that the entire bag was missing the whole last two weeks of school. I think she probably got by academically without these supplies for a couple weeks.

We are going to be so much more organized once school starts again next week.

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