August 26, 2010: And then there was one

I guess the more typical first day of school shot would be all the kids lined up with backpacks of supplies and their new outfits all ready to head off to class. Of course we took those, but I think the bigger deal for me these days isn't sending all the kids off to school, its that as of today I only have one left at home.  Lex did go with us to drop the kids off (still in his pjs & batman slippers because he wouldn't change, because he seems to believe pjs are the perfect all day wear) but he still has one more year before he can even go to Headstart. He has two little boys to hang out with most days, but I think by next year he's going to be more than ready to spend a few hours somewhere else a few days a week. When I told him he had an appointment on Monday he was ready to go about an hour early and just wandered around behind me saying "Let's go to my appointment, Mom. It's time for my appointment, Mom." He really hasn't ever been a big fan of staying home.

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