Ronan Pioneer Days 2010

We headed up to Pioneer Days in Ronan for the afternoon. Since they were having a car show at the park and Israel was with us, that's where we started. I need to find someone who restores cars & loan him out an as apprentice. He's a little obsessed. It would be nice if I knew anyone who knew anything about all that to send him to to put him to work.
This was Azia's favorite because it even had "White. Leather. Seats." She was so impressed. 
and i always like the mustangs...60s ones...I like black best, but red isn't bad either

After the car show we headed over the to the Kiddie/ City Slicker Rodeo

Zoran doing some stick horse racing
And Lex getting a little racing help from him big brother
Lex trying to get his dad's attention in the stands to show him his ice cream certificate he won. He was pretty excited. It was ice cream after all.
Azia hesitantly getting lined up to chase some cows. She said she wanted to do this, but stinky, wild cows aren't really her thing. 
She did take off in the general direction of the cows.  I don't think she actually wanted to catch one even if she said she did.
Lex and his chicken.  He had a little help catching him (from an older boy who retrieved it when it escaped under the fence) but he thought it was kind of cool. Of course after I sent Israel to help him get a box to take it home in about five minutes later Lex wandered into the area while they were getting things ready for the next age group with Israel's shoes (but no Israel or chicken). A while later I found Israel, also with no chicken. He did have three dollars. He told us someone offered him a couple dollars for the chicken and his dad told him to sell it. At some point in the transaction he lost Lex. The rest of the afternoon Lex kept asking "Hey, where my chicken at? Hey where my chicken at?" Israel told him it flew away, but Lex doesn't acknowledge answers unless they are the ones he wants to hear. He just keeps repeating his question. At one point Israel told him he could use his money to buy some ice cream. Then his new question was "Hey where the ice cream truck at?"
Azia & Zoran trying to catch a chicken. They're in there somewhere. It's sort of like one of those Where's Waldo pictures.  There were millions of kids. Zoran was very upset he didn't get a chicken of his own. Luckily he was distracted by the next game where he got a new t-shirt & hat and a armload of candy.
Israel lined up to catch a pig with his great footwear. No cowboy boots for him. I think he maybe closer to Redneck Hillbilly than cowboy. He was pretty excited to throw off his shoes & try to wrestle down a greased pig. 
Kids lining up to try to catch the pig.
Israel making his way to he front of the pack. Kyle is in there somewhere, too. 
starting to pull kids off the pile up
And somehow Israel ended up with the pig! He was slimy and stinky and did indeed look like he'd been wrestling with a pig, but he had a pile of cash to show for it! Kyle caught the other one. They did a stinky, celebratory cousin hug at the end.
We stopped to get food and the kids' free ice cream after all the festivities. We all came home but Israel & Dev headed back up to the races & demo derby in Pablo. It's been storming all evening. I think they might get stuck in the rain!

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