September 14, 2009: Israel & Football

So this is Israel's first year of football. He says he really loves it, except he doesn't quite care enough to actually make it to a whole lot of it. I don't think he really gets the level of dedication other people (already many of his peers) have to sports. He likes to play. Whenever they all show up at practice or something, but other than those times I don't think it even enters his mind. I'm wondering how long he'll stick with any of them.

He already missed more than he'd played...forgot to have his activity fee turned in before the first game, had a failing math grade for another, went to Hunter's Safety class instead of one of them. I asked him if he thought he was actually going to have his act all together by next year so he could play in all the games. I thought it was a rhetorical question.

He just looked at my and said, "I doubt it. One of those things will get me."

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