Community Christmas Carnival

Me & Lex

Saturday was Mission's community Christmas carnival. They've been doing this 3-4 years now and the business really put a lot into it. Most of them have a booth or game for the kids and there is a huge drawing/ give-away. They have hundreds of prizes, little stuff but also a lot of $25-$50 gift certificates, gameboys, wii, bikes, different ipods. This year all the kids got toys, Dev got a $25 Cenex card and i won an ipod touch! I have to stop saying I never win anything now.

Israel was very determined to win a fish!

...but had a few unsuccesful attempts before he got one.

So I thought it would be fun to get a picture of all the kids with Santa. And once again, this is what Lex thinks of photos.

The under three crowd gets ready to find some treasures in the straw at the game the ambulance had for the kids. Lex does not appreciate being held back.

The "12 & Over" group gets ready to jump in. Gwen is very in charge.

Iyezk, calm as always, sorting through the hay for treasure.

Zoran at the tree lighting. Later in the evening they did the community tree lighting with hot chocolate & then some caroling, but it was freezing! The younger boys and I said just long enough to get some luke warm hot chocolate, hear a song or two and see the lights. Israel went with the group caroling afterwards so I gave him my coat & Zoran's hat so he wouldn't freeze.

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