Christmas Eve 2009

My Zoran...sometimes he looks both sweet and calm. At the same time. Sometimes.

Lex guarding the M&M bowl. Mostly he wanted M&Ms for dinner--with a few cookies thrown in for variety. There were all sorts of good sweet things, and all our traditional Christmas food, and some yummy new things too--like those stuffed peppers Dev made from my recipe on the table and the tastey morrel jalepeno poppers Michael is making in the background.

There's too many of us to fit around any sort of normal table so mealtime was a combination of kitchen tables, kid tables, counters, coffee tables, and just eating on the couch. Someday maybe Gwen will get to move up from the kids' table.

Clark and Grandma opening their present.

Lettie the ballerina. Azia & Zoran made most of the skirt, but I had to sew the pink binding around the top...sewing gathered stuff is tricky.

Lex got a pirate piggy bank. It was exciting from the time he was handed the box (which also had the pirate flag on it). He went to each person at dinner and showed them his scull (with accompanying pirate growl). There were quite a lot of people at dinner so it occupied him for quite awhile.

Ahni & Zoran checking out their new books from Yaya.

This giant airplane thing (not even sure exactly what it is?) was Azia's cousin present from one of Christina's kids. She loves it! She played with it for hours on Christmas Eve & then when I told her to clean up & get ready for bed she told me she had put everything away but that. I told her that was fine & then when I went in her room to check on her later I found her like this--she'd set up the whole thing & all the little pieces and made herself a little bed on the floor beside it.

Zoran fell asleep guarding the presents. So excited for Christmas morning...

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