Thanksgiving 2009

Lex the cheff with his pirate shirt. Lex loves pirates. Lex also loves food. All the kids picked a dish to make and bring to Thanksgiving dinner. Lex didn't actually get to pick his and he needed quite a lot of help making it, but I'm pretty sure he still thought he was in charge.

Ugh...this is why I hate cooking...and this is only one of the three counters (plus the table) that looked like this. I let the three older kids all make their own dish for dinner, I made one & helped Lex make another...all at the same time. I need to work on time management so we don't destroy everything in the process of cooking.

Ahni deciding on her desert. Of course this was before anyone had starting eating. That's the best time to begin picking a desert or two.

Aiden, just a couple days old, was the main attraction at dinner.

Michael introduces Aiden to Clark.

Lex & his great grandma Elda discussing many important things.

And Lex showing Grandma Elda his slippers.

Iyezk & Christina decide whose turn it is to hold the baby.

Mom & Todd carving up the turkey. Of course we did do some eating at this Thanksgiving dinner.

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