Glitter Kids

Fun with glitter and glue.

Look Kanana is sleeping! This isn't really related to the glittery Chinese lantern project except that she's actually sleeping so we could do the project.

Lex, Paisley, Zoran & Jack with their laterns.

I expected at least one giant jug of glitter to get dumped, especially since Lex was crawling all over the table to help everyone else glitter their projects, but luckily none did. I hate glitter. But, it's one of the kids' favorite crafty things so occasionally I put up with it. Of course now all my counters and floors still have glitter stuck to them even after repeated scrubbing and all the children are sparkly!

Boys don't seem to be as messy with it. Zoran spent his whole time meticlously finding the right color for each new little glue dot he made. When Azia was his age she treated it more like fairy dust. Over the years the house has been sufficiently dusted. Repeatedly. Once you've had a really good dusting it takes a good 9 months before glitter stops flying up everytime someone flops on the couch. Once we had this really cool jug of glitter that looked like snow. Azia took that & the silver bottle & dumped them all over everything in her room & then was shaking the blankets & pillows & jumping all over to make it fly through the air. She said she wanted her whole bedroom to look like one of those snowglobes you shake up. She was actually pretty succesful.

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