Septmember 12, 2009: Zoran's First Soccer Game

Zoran is so excited to be on a real soccer team. He has been rounding up his equipment and counting down for days. We didn't have any practices before the first game, but after a few minutes to get warmed up and figure out what was actually going on, he was VERY into the whole thing. Now he's been reliving the whole thing play by play--when he kicked the ball and where they missed goals and the ones they made and how he stopped balls from getting by him or stole it from someone else.

As soon as the game was over he was counting down. I told him we'd have practice in another couple days but that wasn't good enough. "How many more days till we have the REAL soccer again? Where we go and try to beat the other team?" he wanted to know.

I told him it was six more days.

"That’s a looonnnng time!"

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