230: School Shopping: Phase One

I took the boys school shopping today–which mainly meant getting some shoes. (We also made one more stop for a couple pairs of pants and t-shirts since neither of the boys has been school shopping for a couple years, but that wasn't nearly as interesting as shoes and it was torture trying to get them to try anything on.) So mostly the first part of the afternoon was like this picture: Lex a bit crazy and completely indecisive about the 15 pairs of red shoes he was trying on while Zoran was exasperated by Lex's slow pace and lack of civility. (Lex is the most particular person I know when it come to clothes.)  Then we took a break and went to a movie. Afterwards, Zoran had a breakdown because I wouldn't buy him basketball cards and he'd forgotten his money and couldn't buy them himself. So he made us miserable the last hour or so since his life was clearly awful. But, they're both ready to go and school doesn't even start for a few more weeks!

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